We (the re|thread collective) will now collect your web browser's fingerprint, which is all the data about your browser that any website you navigate to can see without using cookies . A small program, inspired by amiunique.org , will collect the following characteristics of your browser:

We will also install a 2-hour cookie so we will not bother you again with data collection during your visit of the exhibition.

We use your data to generate this exhibition, live. You can experience your data through different sound and visual representations and compare the fingerprint of your browser with the fingerprint of other visitors.

When you leave the exhibition, we will keep your fingerprint on a safe server, which only one of the artists has access to through a secure connection. Your fingerprint will then become part of a permanent exhibition. If you want, you have the opportunity to delete your data upon exiting the exhibition.

A detailed, more boring and yet more comprehensive and technical version is provided in the privacy policy of the exhibition .

See all the open source code that runs this exhibition here .